Friday, May 29, 2009

Edward hits the gym..

Edward wanted to see what all the fuss was, about the physio-ball, He says it's not so bad!

Woo! Look at me Bella, I can stand on the ball. This is sooo easy! There's nothin to it!I don't know why you feel you need a personal trainer for this!
This is fun! Look I can jump up and down and not lose my balance..Did you blink? Then you missed it..I'm really fast! Ohh..there I go again! You missed it again!

Whew...I gotta take a break, this is hard work....not!

Glossary additions:

I need to update the Twilight glossary.

Twerd= Twilight nerd.

We have been throwing this one around at our house. How long you ask? A while.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

This just makes me smile....




stolen from:

I love the adventures of PE!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Edward goes to....

Guess where Edward went this weekend! Bella is going to love it! I mean, when she finally gets over her aversion to jewelry! Personally, I cannot say no to the little blue box!!

Look at all this loot I got for my Bella!
I can't wait until her birthday!

Psycho? Maybe...

So over the weekend I met with a very nice lady by the name of Melissa, who is doing a research project at the University of Missouri, into why we are so obsessed with Twilight.

Well, it was cool and there were a few of us Twi-hards there. We discussed things like our favorite Twilight relationship and do we get haters because we love Twilight...etc..

We touched upon Twilight Denial. You all know what I'm talking about. Do you keep your obsession secret from certain groups or separate from other aspects of your life. Most of us do I believe. I don't hide it, I just don't always bring it up. I will admit to it if it comes up in convo, however.

My friend says that we are going to be part of some psychological research paper...but I don't think so. It would be funny though to see this article published in Psychology Today "The Twilight Phenomenon, and the Women Who Live it", or "Twi-freaks Uncovered!" or some such nonsense.

I trust Melissa, though, I think we will be okay! And if not, hey we had free cookies!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long weekend reading

Edward asked if he could borrow my book. He's a very fast reader so I said okay.

Hmmm.. let's see what all the hype is about..

I don't get women..this is depressing..

OME! How could I do this to my Bella! Blasphemy!
I'll get that Stephenie Meyer!

Uh-oh, now I gotta come clean...

I'm sorry Bella. Would you accept this apple as a token of my undying affection? (I'm really into apples...vegetarian...and all)

Look how yummy! Sorry I can't get my hands into just the right position!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Edward watches a not Twilight!

This guy? Seriously??? Uhh....he's paler than me!

Sorry but this girl is not as hot as my Bella...anyway I prefer brunettes.

I don't know why anyone would interview this guy on tv.
He's a very poor dresser! And his hair....come on!
What is he thinking?

He should be more careful shaving..

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hmmm...I don't think I like this.....

I changed my mind, I think I do like this!
Chillin out maxin, relaxin all cool and all....shootin some B ball outside of the school...nah..just enjoyin the mushmallow bed..I think Bella would really like a nice bed made of marshmallows..I'll have to get her one.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ye Scoundrelous scallywag!!

Avast me hearties! Ye ladies not be wanting to see this me lovelies!
Avert yer eyes!

Pocket Edward does not seem to be as well endowed, (please ladies!!! stay on track!), in the super power department. He is after all a tiny man made of plastic! Cap'n Jack found this out rather quickly!

Ye best be staying away from me woman if ye knows what's good for ya, savvy?!

That be learnin' ya to stay away from me woman ya scurvy dog!

Now off to the depths with ya. To Davy Jone's locker!!

Did someone say Parley?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Edward meets Cap'n Jack Sparrow....

OH NO!! You'll see what I mean......

Sunday, May 3, 2009


This song always makes me think of Edward and Bella. (Not like it takes much to make me think of Edward. Just about everything I hear, and everything I see!)

It is by the band "Live", if you get a chance, go listen to it. It is a slow song so don't be disappointed...(duh! It is a love song remember!!)

Sittin' on the beach
The island king of love
Deep in fijian seas
Deep in some blissful dream

They are obviously referring to Isle Esme

Where the goddess finally sleeps (Bella)
In the lap of her lover (Edward)
Subdued in all her rage
And I'm aglow with the taste of the demons driven out
And happily replaced with the presence of real love
The only one who saves

How can that not refer to their love?? Edward's demon replaced with true love!!?? The only one that saves...his soul!!

I wanna dance with you (Edward always wanted to dance with Bella)
I see a world where people live and die with grace
The karmic ocean dried up and leave no trace (Edward's bad Karma)
I wanna dance with you
I see a sky full of the stars that change our minds
And lead us back to a world we would not face

Edward saw Bella's face as he looked at the stars, see Midnight Sun for reference.
The stillness in your eyes (He forever talks about her deep brown eyes..)
Convinces me that i
I don't know a thing (Possible reference to being unable to read her)
And I been around the world and I've tasted all the wines (wine = blood..)
A half a billion times came sickened to your shores (He said he's a monster)
You show me what this life is for

Oh come on I do I even have to say it!!!!!!!! You are my life now....

I wanna dance with you
I see a world where people live and die with grace
The karmic ocean dried up and leave no trace
I wanna dance with you
I see a sky full of the stars that change our minds
And lead us back to a world we would not face

In this altered state (Edward is completely changed by this love..)
Full of so much pain and rage (Self-explanatory, no??)
You know we got to find a way to let it go

Sittin' on the beach
The island king of love
Deep in fijian seas
Deep in the heart of it all where the goddess finally sleeps
After eons of war and lifetimes (Lifetimes of pain for Edward)
She smilin' and free, nothin' left
But a cracking voice and a song, oh lord

After the final scenes of Breaking Dawn, maybe..?

I wanna dance with you
I see a world where people live and die with grace
The karmic ocean dried up and leave no trace
I wanna dance with you
I see a sky full of the stars that change our minds
And lead us back to a world we would not face
We would not face
We would not face
We would not face
We would not face

Maybe it's just me..but this song really makes me think of them. I realize there are many songs that can be related to them or Twilight in some way or another but hey, this is my blog, and that's my two cents! :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Any day without Edward is the blackest kind of blasphemy...

We need more ROBWARD!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Twilight glossary

This is for all my non-Twilight friends and family members. I have decided to decipher some of the most common verbiage in the Twilight universe. (Which you probably didn't even know existed! But I won't let it bring me down!)

These are some the terms I will be using:

RPattz= Rob Pattinson
KStew= Kristin Stewart
Movie Edward= Rob's part in Twilight

And there goes Swifty! (We're off...??):

Twi-hard: anyone who can or will not live without Twilight. As in, OME she is such a Twi-hard fan!

Which brings us to OME, in case you can't figure it out yourself, this is Oh My Edward..seriously? You couldn't get that one?? :)

Twi-polar: I think I may have mentioned this one previously. It is the extreme and often sudden, emotional ups and downs caused by the lack of anything Twilight, Edwardian, or RPattz related.

Twicrack: I have to give credit for this one to Twicrack is anything related to Twilight. We feed on it like crack and cannot live without it, like junkies. So there you have it, Twicrack!

(Twicrackaddict, please feel free to let me know if my description is lacking! Thanks!)

Twitarded: I again must give credit where it is due:, Twitarded is kinda self explanatory, don't you think? If you can't figure it out, sorry! I don't want to insult anyone

Robsessed: credit:

Again, I think this is self-explanatory, but....for those of you who don't know, this is someone who is obsessed with Rpattz. Can possibly be extended to anything related to Movie Edward (RPattz' alter ego it would seem to some!)

Edwardian: I made this word up myself and I like this one very much! (you know that it is already a word with another meaning, right??) It is anything that Movie Edward might say or do. For example: If you said, "Bella, you're soo absurd"...That would be very Edwardian...or "HI" that too would be Edwardian....:)

P.S. If you don't get the references maybe you should go watch the movie then come back and see us!

If there is anything else in this post you don't get, you may want to reconsider your place in the Twiverse...and NO I'm not gonna define that one!! You should get it by now! The world revolves around Twilight!!!