Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The time I went to see Twilight without Aurora...

So this one time, at band camp...no wait wrong movie! So one time (well lots of times really, but we won't talk about that now!) I went to see Twilight without my niece Aurora. (You saw her pic in my last post. ) Well, she kinda had a meltdown. She freaked out and left me some nice little notes. Just in case I was thinking of leaving her home the next time. Which I did, but again, we won't talk about that now!! :)

So this is how it all began..I went to the movies without her, here's the evidence of my disloyalty..

You'll note I was so upset that I forgot to take Aurora with me that I could not finish my popcorn or my M&M's! (That's my Eclipse to read while waiting for the movie to start..sad..sad.. yes I know!)


  1. wow you guys dont even realize how upset i was
    i was so upset i went right to my bed room and took my cd player off my night stand and blared linkin park music till i couldnt think
    :( sad i know feel bad for me
    feel very bad

  2. poor Aurora. Ann...tsk tsk tsk - hogging edward all to yourself. mean auntie.